Hello, hello!
I'm an avid audio/sound-y type person for games, tv, and live show.
I dabble in all things audio, Music Composition, Sound Design, a touch of Audio Design and Implementation, and a smidgeon of Score Writing.

Please forgive the rather dodgy/unfinished website (it is clunky, I know)... It's on my to-do list!

Here are some of the things I've worked on...

The Swindle

Sound Design, Implementation and Music

Woohoo!!! Dan Marshall secretly kept us waiting on this one; The Swindle is FINALLY here. For good reason though, he's been working plenty hard on it, and it's a corka!

Is out on PC, Mac, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, XB1, and WiiU
See SizeFiveGames for more details.

Am thrilled to be able to offer the Soundtrack for sale now too:
The Swindle OST Extended

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Doodle Learning

Sound Design, Implementation and Music

Whoah there kiddos,
Doodle Learning is available on all iOS devices.

All of us at NineTwentyEight.ltd really enjoyed working on this and safe to say we're pretty pleased with this fun suite of learning... and of course "Doodle" the cheeky blue bunny.

Doodle Learning

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Sound Design and Music

18+ notice (is NOT for the easily offended)

Somehow I don't think I need to go into too much explanation about this, other than to say it's a mobile game with a very daft take on 80s retro porn.
Available for Android on the Mikandi store.

Lots of 8Bit-ish music and soundymathings


Other Demos

Here's a few other bits and bobs : )
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Now then, this bit will be a bit redundant for most!
However, for the sake of those who are interested...

Misdemeanor - challenging solo piano study - It's pretty technical!
Romantic Miniature - simple short piece for solo piano.
Stay-Steady Circus - For medium-sized ensemble. Encompasses various circus themes. Loosely based on short section from Nobuo Uetmatsu's "One Winged Angel".
Tapas Trapass - yiddish and tango inspired piece for medium ensemble.
Two Kitchens - Modern Clarinet Quintet piece.

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Is there something wrong with you? No? Surely no-one wants to read about yet another music and sound guy who's always on the lookout for work?

Ok, ok, ok. I should start with... I'M OVER THE MOON;
I'm genuinely quite touched that you've been somewhat interested enough in coming this far down the page. Thank you.
Without further ado then...

Yup, I'm one of THEM! ...One of those "I live, breath, eat, sleep audio-types"...
When I'm not rustling grub up in the kitchen or playing a good game of basketball, I'm usually doing something music and sound related.

When it comes to music, I'd like to think of myself as... errr... diverse... But apparently so is everyone else in the music-y biz. Instead, I'll leave it at "Thank's for having a gander at my work", and if you like it and want to ask me about more work (which is ALWAYS welcome), then please get in touch.

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Holy moly this is unheard of! You REALLY want to read more?
Well, in that case,

So, I'm London-based, and as you've likely already got the jist, I dabble in all things audio.
Music and Sountracks, a splash of Sound Design, a tickle of Foley, and a dabble of Audio Design.
I hold an MA Music (Dist) in Music from Sussex University, BA Music Informatics (Sussex), Foundation in Computing Science (Central Sussex), during which I also studied part-time at Guildhall School of Music (Jazz Piano). I've been an avid performer for most of my life, playing jazz piano/organ with my band - venues inclue The Bull's Head jazz club, Syracuse & Boston University London Programs and Imperial College London.

After all that studying, I jumped on the ever-tricky-freelance-musicy-soundy-person career. Granted, it's a tricky one to get going on, but alongside doing odd-jobs like window cleaning and temping, that's what it is that I do.

Software I use:
Logic Pro/X (my bread and butter),
a little bit of Ableton(when I'm feeling more "lively"),
MaxMSP (albeit a little rusty),
Sibelius notation,
Wwise - for those projects inclined.

Yes, I know, ANOTHER jack-of-all... But in all honesty, the reason for this is that for me it's right blaady important to be able to swing in and out of different focusses.

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If ONLY I'd gotten the php working by now, indeed you would be able to send me a wee message right here.
BUT, never fear, this is also on my to-do list!

In the mean time, why not pop over an email to...


... failing that, I'm fairly good at replying on twitter.

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